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This is my world, you're just a squirrel

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Mitch's Bitch
19 July 1981
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1960s, 1980s, a tribe called quest, air, albert hammond jr, allen ginsberg, american international pictures, amélie, andy warhol, anna karina, annie (the singer), aqua teen hunger force, art, art brut, beastie boys, beck, being john malkovich, bill murray, binghamton, biz markie, blondie, bob dylan, broadcast, caravaggio, catherine deneuve, chris rock, christiane f, chuck berry, chuck taylors, cibo matto, coffee, conan o'brien, dancing, dave chappelle, dave clark five, de la soul, digital video, dvds, easy rider, ed helms, eddie kaye thomas, edie sedgwick, exene cervenka, federico fellini, five easy pieces, françois ozon, french films, gael garcía bernal, goldfrapp, gram parsons, grandmaster flash, half baked, harold and kumar, hullabaloo, internet, jack nicholson, jean-luc godard, jim jarmusch, joan didion, john coltrane, johnny cash, joni mitchell, julie christie, le tigre, leonard cohen, los amigos invisibles, lou doillon, ludivine sagnier, luis bunuel, man ray, marcello mastroianni, marianne faithfull, miles davis, mister ed, mixtapes, monty python, mumblecore, new york city, nico, office space, ol dirty bastard, paul butterfield, peter sellers, photography, poetry, reading, robert johnson, salvador dali, samantha morton, saturday night live, screenwriting, sealab 2021, sleater-kinney, sleeping, sofia coppola, sonic youth, stereolab, steve martin, sufjan stevens, susan sontag, talking heads, terence stamp, terry southern, the animals, the arcade fire, the beatles, the byrds, the daily show, the dirtbombs, the flying burrito brothers, the gossip, the kinks, the marx brothers, the monkees, the police, the simpsons, the strokes, the velvet underground, the virgin suicides, the white stripes, the who, the yeah yeah yeahs, thomas pynchon, turner classic movies, valentine fillol-cordier, walking, wesley willis, wikipedia, will ferrell, woody allen, writing, x (the band)

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